Timing is everything. This! (follow the fabulous arrow) popped out of the laundry, while I was stuffing it full of dirty laundry, BEFORE I started it. .

Enveloped in Pink

Like paper the pedals and this flower look as if they were an origami. And all I just want to do is eat them up for dessert and write about their bubble gum gelato taste in a foody gazzette. This summer I entered a perennial bliss, not having planted much of anything, just amazed it…

Fall into me

These are the tears of joy when my husband brings home the gyoza dumplings. .


Love this photo! My friend let me take a photo of her hand. This photo reminds me of how different our cultures are but how good that is. How fortunate am I to work with amazing, brilliant and compasionate folks, an inclusive group, and overall good people. It makes the difference of whether I am…

Cat with no iPhone

She sat on my lap for four hours.  Without batting an eye, she had no iPhone, only her feline thoughts, and I, with my mind racing, in a non-meditative, implusive quick-reading mode, fielded dozens of magazine headline and short stories from the top news sites.  I tend to read most violently the minute my son has…

Skeleton tent

Here I woke up, starring at the sea of a blue and green sky, hearing the birds tweeting, “Good morning to you, Sunshine!” on a sweltering sunny day in the northwest mountains.  I took the photo a few seconds before my claustrophobia hit hard, as it usually does when I realize I am in a…

You say tomatoe, I say penguin

Beauty and choice are in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes a penguin looks better with a Seahawks football helmet. Who am I to argue. Here are some elaborate choices in a fourth grade winter holiday decorating session.