Reading Adventures

Here are my recommended books, what I call great books, and some ”quick notes” meant to entice you to read them. Their stories may linger like they did for me in a pleasant or striking way within the recesses of your soul, like a soothing salve to your restless soul or a wind wakening chill to shake you into discovery mode.  If you need a change of landscape to take a break from our over-focused and edgy workaholic life which may seem all too much, then I suggest you let go, and let your imagination (and body if you walk out the door) out of your immediate fish bowl and nicely-made, boxed existence.

And I’ll be sure to include some good non-fictional reading as well.  In all, these books have given me great pleasure to read or had me rudely excited for one reason or another. I will update and append to the list as often as time allows. Enjoy!

~ Book Musings ~

Good Book: Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safron Foer (ps. what a divine middle name!)

Quick Notes:  The voice of your new friend will carry you into an eastern European roadtrip, though the backroads of an ancient land. You will find yourself mesmerized by the details of the spoken Russian phraseology.  As your friend finds his old home, you begin to see and feel the grave historical references found when the dust clears.

Kind Rating: 1 Long Wink

Book: Paradise By Toni Morrison

Quick Notes:  Sublime.

Kind Rating: 2 Nods

Book: The Stranger by Albert Camus

Quick Notes: Listen to The Cure while you read this with a vento espresso machiatto, and finish with the last cigarette you will ever smoke.  Don’t actually smoke it.

Kind Rating: a snap

Book: 1493 by Charles Mann

Quick Notes:  History rewritten, explaining where we all came from, how we are all interdependent and a product of these past 300 years, how and why we eat what we eat, and experienced famine, disease, flight, captivity and survival within each uniquely cultivated continent.

Kind Rating: A handshake!

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